A 482 visa is a work visa you can apply for only if you have a sponsor that nominated you for the visa. Your sponsor must provide evidence of having a genuine need to fill in that position with an overseas worker.

Visa 482 Streams

When you apply for visa 482, you have to select which stream is more suitable for you:

  1. Short-term stream. With a short-term stream visa, you can work in Australia for up to 2 years, or four depending on your situation.
  2. Medium-term stream. The medium-term stream will allow you to stay and work in Australia for up to 4 years and you may apply for permanent residence if you meet the eligibility criteria.
  3. Labour agreement stream. You can apply for the labour agreement stream if your sponsor is a part of the labour agreements. The labour agreements represent an accord between Australian employers and the Australian government that allows businesses to bring workers to Australia according to the specific labour agreements.

482 Visa Checklist

You need to assemble a number of documents for your 482 visa application:

  • Passport and ID. You must have a valid passport when you apply for a visa 482, and provide other identification documents that the Department of Home Affairs requires (ID card, marriage certificate, etc.).
  • Experience and qualifications. You have to submit documents that prove your experience, skills and qualifications. You can submit proof of licensing or registration, relevant certificates and awards, previous employer references, your resume and so on.
  • Skills assessment documents. Depending on your visa stream, you may be required to submit a skill assessment report. If this is obligatory, you must attach it to your visa application or you won’t be granted a visa- you must confirm this requirement beforehand with the Immigration office.
  • Proof of English proficiency. You have to provide evidence that you meet the minimum requirements for English language proficiency.
  • Health insurance. You must have valid health insurance during the time you will be staying in Australia.
  • Evidence of your good character. To prove you are of good character submit form 80 and form 1221 along with other documents, i.e., police certificates.
  • Documents for your partner. In case you are applying with your partner for a visa 482, then you have to submit their identification documents, your marriage license or proof of registered relationship. Your partner must also meet the character requirements.
  • Documents for your minor children. For your minor children, you have to submit their birth certificate, copies of their passport and any similar documents. You must also fill in and provide form 1229 for parental consent, a statutory declaration or provide other forms of consent.
  • Documents for your adult dependent child. If you apply with children over 18 that are dependent on you, you must provide their identification documents, character documents, form 47, and any other proof of dependency.
  • Assistance Documents. If someone is helping you with your application, then please submit form 956 or form 956a.

English Requirements for a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

For your 482 visa, you must provide evidence that you meet at least the minimum requirements of English language proficiency, the required scores change according to the visa stream you are applying for.

You must also prove you reached the required scores within one attempt of the test and that the test was taken at least three years prior to applying for the visa.

Short-term Visa English Requirements

The Department of Home Affairs specifically requests you have finished one of these tests with acceptable scores:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)5.0 score overall with at least 4.5 in each test element.
OET (Occupational English Test)B for each test element.
TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based Test)35 points with at least 3 points for listening and reading, and 12 points for speaking and writing.
PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic)36 points in total with at least 30 points in each test element.
Cambridge C1 Advanced Test154 points in total with a score of 147 for each test element.

Medium-term Visa English Requirements

For your medium-term stream visa 482 you need the following scores:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System)5.0 score overall with at least 5 in each test element.
OET (Occupational English Test)B for each test element.
TOEFL iBT (Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based Test)35 points with at least 4 points for listening and reading, and 14 points for speaking and writing.
PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic)36 points in total with at least 36 points in each test element.
Cambridge C1 Advanced Test154 points in total with a score of 154 for each test element.

You are exempt from the language requirement if:

  • You hold a passport from the United Kingdom, the US, Canada, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland.
  • You have finished at least 5 years of full-time study in a secondary school where classes were held in English (you must provide details of the institution).
  • Your nominated occupation is a diplomatic mission or will be performed at an Office of the Authorities of Taiwan.
  • You hold a registration, license or membership for your nominated occupation.
  • You proved you had a higher level of English proficiency than required according to the score tables, to get the license, registration or membership.
  • You are an employee of an overseas Australian business or its associated entity that nominated you to work in Australia, and you will receive an annual income of AUD96,400.

Document Checklist for Your Sponsor

When your sponsor submits their nomination they must also prepare a number of documents:

  • Identification documents. Your sponsor must provide your full name, date of birth, and any other information related to the employment.
  • Employment contract. Your employer must provide a copy of your employment contract unless they are exempt.
  • Evidence of the AMSR. The person who nominated you for the visa must provide evidence that they will pay the annual market salary rate at an equal rate with the temporary skilled migration income threshold.
  • Evidence of labour market testing. Your sponsor must provide evidence that they have tested the labour market and that no Australian citizen or permanent resident can fill in the nominated position.
  • Proof of a genuine position. Your employer has to submit evidence that the nominated position exists and that you will be doing the responsibilities stated in your contract.
  • Proof of exemptions. If your employer believes that the nominated position is subjected to caveats or that testing of labour marketing is not required, they must provide evidence that they meet the exemption requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for a Visa 482

Here are the eligibility criteria for a 482 visa:

  • You are nominated for a job position by an eligible employer.
  • You are employed in your nominated profession and worked for your nominator.
  • You worked in your nominated occupation for at least 2 years before applying for a 482 visa.
  • You have a substantive visa or a bridging visa A, a BVB or a BVC (if you apply from Australia).
  • For a short-term stream:
    • Your employer nominated you for a position in the short-term skilled occupation list- STSOL (see the list).
  • For a medium-term stream:
    • You must be nominated for a profession in the medium-skilled occupation list- MLTSSL (see the full list).
  • For a labour agreement stream:
    • Your occupation must be included in the labour agreements between the Government of Australia and your sponsor.
    • Your sponsor must be a part of the labour agreements.

Application Process for a 482 Visa

Apply for a visa 482 by following these instructions:

  1. Your sponsor applies for sponsorship.
  2. Your sponsor is approved.
  3. Your sponsor nominates you for the visa.
  4. Your sponsor pays the levy fund.
  5. You apply for the visa.

Your Sponsor Applies for Sponsorship

Before you can apply for a 482 visa your sponsor must apply to become a standard sponsor- if they aren’t already one. Your sponsor must lodge an online application for sponsorship via ImmiAccount and submit the required documents. Your employer is also required to pay a sponsorship fee of AUD420.

If you are applying for the labour agreement stream, your sponsor doesn’t have to apply to become an eligible sponsor. However, your employer must be a part of the labour agreements, and if they are not, they are required to submit a request to become a part of the accords.

Your Sponsor Is Approved

Once your sponsor is approved, the sponsorship will last for 5 five years. After that, your employer can submit a nomination application for you to get this visa.

Your Sponsor Nominates You for the Visa

As soon as your employer is an approved sponsor, they can lodge a nomination application for you. They have to nominate you via ImmiAccount and pay a nomination fee of AUD330.

Your Sponsor Pays the Levy Fund

Once your sponsor begins the nomination process, they are required to pay the skills levy fund. The full amount of the fund will be calculated in the nomination form, but the payment will vary depending on the business size and the length of the work period.

Small businesses with a turnover of less than AUD10million have to pay an amount of AUD1200 yearly, while businesses with a turnover of more than 10 million have to pay AUD1800. For example, if your sponsor has a business turnover of 9 million, and you will be employed for three years then the levy fund will be calculated as AUD5400.

You Apply for the Visa

After your sponsor’s nomination has been approved, you can start your 482 visa application process. You have to prepare your documents for online submission and then apply through ImmiAccount.

Don’t forget that you have to submit the payment fee to have your application finalized and reviewed.

482 Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a 482 visa application depends on the visa stream you applied for:

  • Short-term stream visa 482: 11 to 5 months.
  • Medium-term stream visa 482: 8 to 4 months.
  • Labour agreement stream visa 482: 9 to 4 months.

How Much Does a 482 Visa Cost?

A 482 visa costs AUD2,690. However, if you are applying for the short-term stream you have to pay AUD1,290. Don’t forget you have to pay additional fees for each additional family member- see the full fees.

How Do I Get a Skill Assessment for a 482 Visa?

You have to get a skill assessment via the Skill Assessment Program for a temporary skills shortage visa- see the program here. Depending on which occupation you were nominated for, you have to get a skill assessment by Trades Recognition Australia or VETASSESS.

You must contact the Immigration office before you apply to see whether a skill assessment is required- if it is you must have it completed before you apply for the visa or your application is invalid. The Immigration office will also let you know where you can get your skill assessment.

How Long Can I Stay With a 482 Visa?

Generally speaking, you can stay up to four years with a 482 visa. However, if you have a short-term stream visa 482 you have a visa only for two years. Your short-term stream visa will last for four years if an ITO applies to your visa.

An ITO or an International Trade Obligation applies if you are:

  • An intra-corporate transferee.
  • An intra-corporate transferee from Singapore or Thailand.
  • A citizen from China.
  • An independent executive.
  • A contractual supplier.
  • A contractual supplier from Thailand.

Can I Stay Longer with a 482 Visa?

Yes, if your visa is about to expire you can apply for another visa if you are still working for your employer. To get another 482 visa, your employer must submit a new nomination form and you must apply for the visa once again.

Visa 482 to PR (Permanent Residency)

You can get a permanent visa if your employer nominates you for PR through one of these visas:

If you have a labour agreement stream, then you can apply for a permanent residence visa only through a visa subclass 186.

Can I Include Family Members on My 482 Visa?

Yes, you can apply with family members that belong to your close family unit:

  • Your spouse or de facto partner.
  • Your minor child or your partner’s minor child.
  • Your adult dependent child or your partner’s adult dependent child.
  • You or your partner’s grandchild (minor or dependent).

If you previously held a 457 visa or a TTS visa, you can include your family members that hold a TTS visa granted on the basis they were your family member. Please note that children include any legally recognized children, i.e., adopted children or step-children.

Keep in mind that for your dependent children, you have to provide proof they are truly dependent on you or your partner either socially, mentally, physically or financially.

482 Visa Subsequent Entrant

You can’t add family members after your visa application has been submitted. However, if your application is being processed by the Department, your family members may apply for the visa as subsequent entrants, but they have to submit an online application and pay the visa fees.

482 Visa Conditions

After your 482 visa is granted, you have to follow these conditions to maintain your visa:

  • You have to start working within 90 days after you arrive in Australia or after you receive your visa (if you applied from within the country).
  • You must work only within your nominated occupation.
  • You cannot stop working for more than 60 consecutive days.
  • You must work only for the business that nominated you (unless you are exempt).

Can I Change Employers with a 482 Visa?

No, if you want to change your employer, you have to apply for the visa again. Keep in mind that your new employer has to submit another nomination form and have the nomination approved before you can start working for them.

Can I Change My Occupation with a 482 Visa?

No, you have to work the same occupation that you were nominated for when you were granted a 482 visa. However, if you do want to change your profession, you have to apply for another temporary skilled shortage visa.

Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT)

Your employer must be able to pay the annual market salary rate equal to the temporary skilled migration income threshold. At the moment the TSMIT is at AUD53,900. However, this amount does not count for other benefits such as accommodation or a car.