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Using free assessment can help you ascertain whether you are eligible for a Dubai Work Visa. There are different UAE visas available to fill your needs. One of the world’s wealthiest nations, the United Arab Emirates which includes Dubai, presents many lucrative work opportunities. If you are willing to work in UAE, a Dubai work permit is compulsory.

Dubai Work Permit (Private Sector)

A resident permit is usually issued, which is also referred as work permit for Dubai. It allows the Individual to work in Dubai for 3 years in a private sector role. To apply a Dubai work permit, he/she should fulfill the eligibility criterion which is slightly complicated. This involves medical proof and other business related information.

Dubai Work Permit (Public Sector)

Under this category, the supporting documentation required will differ when compared to a private sector. Generally this type of visa is a good and is very simple one.

Short-term Dubai work visas

Even Dubai offers a short-term visa that allows working in UAE. The shorter duration permit will vary in duration, but there is no change in the rules and conditions of migration.